1 - Where will my order ship from?
It will be shipped from Wetaskiwin, Alberta, which is just South of Edmonton
2 - How long will shipping take?
It will take 1-5 working days for most of the region in Canada. And use Loomis Express, Purolator or Canada post services. and ship from Wetaskiwin.
Orders placed before Noon Mountain Time will typically ship the same day.
 Shipments to Alberta, Saskatchewan and BC Interior are next day delivery.
 Shipments to BC Vancouver area and Manitoba are two day delivery
 Shipments to Ontario and Quebec (exc Northern regions) are 3 day delivery
 All other areas in Canada are 4 to 10 days delivery.
3 - Is it Safe?
We only use UL & cUL Certified battery cells and UL & cUL Certified chargers.  They are 100% safe and government approved.
As a professional hoverboards industry insider since 2014 in Canada, we studied all safety issues reported, we found all safety issue occurred due to the combination of poor battery and poor quality charger. We did our research on batteries and chargers. We found the every qualified battery has a protective board for prevent from catching fire, and every qualified charger has a protective board as well. Then we spent much time to compare batteries and chargers, then we choose the best safest one. Double protection with best battery and charger, there is no any possibility of catching fire.
4 - Do I get a tracking number?
Yes, usually the tracking number will be sent out by the next day, if you did not receive it, please check your email spam list. Or you can send us a message to ask for it.
5 - Warranty Policy
For the first 14 days you can return and get full refund. But the hoverboard / hoverboards must be at good conditions for resell. And it should be with the original box. If the returned hoverboard damaged, the return would be rejected.
3 Months repair or replacement. within 3 months, any hoverboard / hoverboards with quality issue we would repair for free in Canada nationwide. Also, we would send you our carrier account number, then our customer do not have to pay for the shipping. However, it would not be free if the issue by improper use or crash. If the hoverboard
1 Year for spare part.  After years in hoverboards business in Canada, we found that about 5% hoverboards need to repair due to quality issues or improper use. Then we decided to launch a project, "Hoverboards repair" to help all hoverboards consumers to repair. We will take clear videos to show how to repair hoverboard step by step, also offer tools and spare parts, like hoverboard logic boards, wheels / motors, sensors, batteries, chargers etc. Then you may fix it at home by yourself. For any cutomers bought hoverboards from us, then you could buy parts with lowest price (our cost).
6 - What's the Maximum or Minimum loading for the hoverboards?
The hoverboards weight is about 10 kgs (22 pounds) .
The majority of our 6.5-inch wheel hoverboards tend to have a Maximum weight limit of about 100 Kgs ( 220pounds)
The 8-inch wheel hoverboards and 10-inch wheel offroad hoverboards tend to have a Maximum weight 120Kgs(260pounds).
To use a hoverboard properly, the average recommended Minimum weight is approximately 20Kgs (44pounds).
7 - What is Hoverboard?
Hoverboard, also called Segway, airwheel, self balancing scooter, smart balance wheel etc. It is a device with 1 or 2 wheels with 3 Axis gyroscope technology to keep it self balancing. It was becoming one of the most popular toys since 2015 worldwide.
8 - How to choose a hoverboard in Canada?
A self-balancing scooter or a self-levelling two-wheeled board commonly referred to as "hoverboard," is a type of rechargeable battery powered scooter. They are usually made up of two wheels arranged side by side, with two platforms between the wheels on which the rider rests.
 As Hoverboards, new modern jumps many people are still afraid to try them out due to security issues. Now it has become much easier to select a safety board on board while UL has released a self-balancing safety scooter that aims to improve their safety.
 UL is the name of the certificate as mentioned above, and this is certificate you should look for when purchasing a hoverboard for you. Only high-quality hoverboard with UL Certified batteries and chargers that can be considered as proof of their safety. This means that they do not overheat, produce smoke and sparks, catch fire, and so on. A hoverboard that is not with certified UL certified battery and charger is a risk. And all hoverboards we have been selling with UL battery and charger.
 Here's how to find a safe hover board to buy.
  Look for a hoverboard brand name. If the hoverboard is a brand that you've heard of before, they probably have a reputable brand. These types of brands have standards and product testing to ensure that they sell a quality product. The most popular brands do not mind having a loyal customer and could cut corners using substandard materials.
  Look at the battery-operated battery packs made by LG or Samsung. These are the best lithium-ion batteries that are well made.
  The battery has a life span of a hoverboard and is necessary for all other parts of the machine, so make sure you have a good battery. Lithium Ion batteries are extremely controlled and have suitable circuits to stop charging the correct battery instance and ensure that an equal charge crosses all the cores.
  The size of the wheel:
  If you mainly use your hover board indoor, some of them may be enough, but if you are outdoors, consider how many bumps you can find.
 You must have a replacement warranty:
  If a device breaks down, it helps to keep the company with the plant associations that can talk to the engineers to help in the problem and to know which hover board is safe. Once the difficulties are analysed, they are likely to require replacement parts. If you are working with this concern that can offer this help, you have not wasted money.
  Another thing to remember on hover boards. They are like bikes. You can ride your motorcycle all day on your way, and nothing bad could happen to you. But if you ride a motorcycle on the street when a car is passing, you can be seriously injured. Same thing with hoverboards. Watch out for the traffic. Also, watch out for the fall. Wear appropriate safety equipment.